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TBR Planner
TBR Planner
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TBR Planner (to be read) with reading and personal goals tracker, monthly book and review tracker, book expense tracker, and social media post tracker.
How It Works

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What's Inside

Every month you'll receive a Middle Grade and Young Adult book from an underrated POC author with a new theme every month, as well as a bookmark and a self care item such as a bookmark or a bath bomb.

My Mission

In 2019, less than 5% of books traditionally published were written by POC. I didn't read a book with a main character who looked like me until my junior year of college. I don't want the next generation, or any reader, to have that same problem.

My goal is to promote authors of color and to have as many people see themselves positively represented in books. People from all walks of life desever to have their story told!